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Spartan Super Sacramento recap

Just a quick recap of my first Spartan race!  I actually won a race entry, and had a friend (and her husband) driving up from San Diego to complete the Sacramento race.  She is a hardcore OCR-er and is a member of the Weeple Army.  The Weeple Army is a mud/obstacle course group for people of all abilities and levels (thankfully!). They only have one goal: to have FUN! I was super worried about doing the race because 1) this was my first big OCR. I had done the Survivor mud run earlier in the year but that was only about 3.1 miles, the weather was good and the obstacles were easy.  2) Instead of signing up for the Spartan Sprint (3+ miles and about 15 obstacles), I thought “I can do more!” and signed up for the mid-level Spartan Super (8+ miles and 20+ obstacles), 3) I had done the Nike Women’s Half just 6 days before, and had gotten back from 3 weeks in SE Asia just 8 days before. 4) California is in a severe drought. The one weekend it was going to rain was the Spartan weekend. Awesome.


In order to even START the race, you have to climb over a wall. First indication I was in for a world of hurtin!

By Friday it was already raining and when I woke up Saturday to make the hour-long drive to Van Vleck Ranch, it was still raining. It did stop once I got closer to Sacramento, but hours of rain had already done their job – everything was muddy.  Muddy and wet. Every obstacle was slathered in mud from the shoes of previous racers.  Everything was slick and slippery.  Some of the obstacles you couldn’t even do because there weren’t footholds anymore, just piles of mud shoved into what used to be holes and openings.  You couldn’t grip anything because you’d slip right off – I slipped right off of the monkeybars when I tried to grip them.  I had elected to wear my running sunglasses instead of my regular glasses for the race, in case the sun decided it wanted to come out (they also help to cut glare when it’s overcast).  By the second obstacle, since it was raining, I couldn’t see at all since the lenses were wet. They were now useless, so I put them on top of my head and tried to run and do obstacles without them. I couldn’t see my footing or what I was stepping on, so I rolled my ankles more times than I’d care to count on ground that was being washed away by the rain, so it was super uneven, muddy, rocky and full of holes.



The hand and foot “holdings” on the Horizontal Wall Traverse were slathered in mud, so you… (more…)

Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Giveaway

Last year I was a Hot Chocolate race ambassador for the San Francisco race, and I just found out I’ve been chosen again.  The catch? The race is in only a month, so we’re going to be moving fast!!

hot chocolate

Look how awesome the jackets are this year!!

Sad story about the jacket you get. The one from last year was super awesome. I decided to wear it pre-race for the Rock n Roll San Francisco 1/2 in April because it was FREEZING.  I knew it would be fine because my friend/coworker was going to meet me at the end of her street (along the race route) and grab it from me at like mile 3.  Turns out she just turned her alarm off and never got up, so she didn’t show up. I had to toss my hoodie and I was SOOOOOO sad.

The race this year takes place on Sunday, January 11th, still starts and finishes in Golden Gate Park, runs along the water (cross your fingers for beautiful weather like last year!) and if you register for the 15k, you get a medal this year!  If you haven’t already registered, but want to do the race, make sure to use the code “SFBlogger8” and you’ll get a free hat!

SF Blogger 8

And because I think you’re awesome, you have the chance to win a race entry to your choice of either the 5k or the 15k! The winner will get to choose from any race that there is currently a date for (so that means no 2015 Denver, Columbus, Chicago, St. Louis or Phoenix).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please make sure you leave a separate comment for each additional entry so that all your entries are counted.  The giveaway will be open until Monday, December 22nd at 8pm PST.  The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Tuesday, December 23rd (Merry Christmas to you!)

And don’t forget SF racers – if you’re not a winner, you can still register for the SF race with the code SFBlogger8 to snag your free hat to go along with your awesome hoodie!


**Disclaimer: As a Hot Chocolate Blog Ambassador, I will be provided a free race entry to the San Francisco race.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.