(Policy valid from 31 May 2013)

I am lucky enough to be affiliated with a couple amazing communities out there, and work hard to keep a great relationship with them.  I want to remain as transparent as possible, so I am establish a firm disclosure policy (see below), so you will always know if I have received compensation for an item or review, whether it be monetary or product compensation.

I will only talk about or review items that I firmly believe in, would use myself and recommend to others. While receiving product or money is always great, I won’t take either just to have them. I carefully consider each option, and have no qualms about turning down an offer if it’s for something not in line with myself, my blog, my readers, or my beliefs.

I want to provide super awesome content to you guys and would love feedback (please note: sarcasm is found in most of my blog posts, and in nearly every waking hour of my life), as well as your support, as it really shows brands how fabulous and beneficial bloggers can be!

Disclosure Policy:

I am a fitness, higher education and travel enthusiast, who is always willing to learn and try new things.  Once in awhile I am lucky enough to have the chance to review products that are also in line with my own interests, or participate in campaigns.  Anything stated about said products are simply my own opinions after doing a wee bit of research, and most likely quite a bit of trial and error (hopefully more trial than error).  I love to share my opinions of these products with you all, and I encourage you to form your own opinions about the products.

Whenever I am posting a review of a product or refer back to the use of a product (sometimes food or samples as well), I will clearly outline it in my blog post.  You can always refer back to this page, but at some point in the post, I will reference that fact that I am reviewing it honestly.  I’ll let you know how I received the product, what sort of testing I’ll do to try it out, as well as provide you details (link or information) about the sponsoring company or organization.

If I myself paid for the product, I don’t feel there is a need to disclose that in a post, as it is a given, if the #ad or #sponsored information is not included.

Click here to read more about the strict FTC guidelines I follow.

If you have any questions (or think I should include more information regarding anything you’ve read thus far),  please feel free to connect with me via email (happenstance13@gmail.com)



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