Myanmar travels and pagodas

Unfortunately, since my phone died upon returning to San Francisco, I lost all of my photos from my trip ūüôĀ A few people that I was traveling with for the work trip graciously shared some photos with me, so I have a few to share!

Myanmar was a fantastic experience. Since the country has been closed to outsiders for so long, we were all unsure what it would be like. Since we were only traveling to the capital, Yangon, and the surrounding area, we were able to see all of the construction that is now happening, as they gear themselves up to be a more modern society. While there was lots of construction, it was also genuinely nice to see a slower pace of life. Living a simple life, with less “things” to worry about was so refreshing.

We were visiting a few international schools in and around the city, and had a wonderful guide, Thida, to translate, give us a tour while we were on the bus (and trust me, everyone was staring. It’s hard to disguise a gigantic coach bus holding 28 Americans on the streets of Yangon with the bicycles, pushcarts and open-faced smaller busses). ¬†I would like to give mad props to our bus driver – I would have been having an anxiety attack the ENTIRE time. ¬†Since it’s still developing, the streets aren’t great, are super narrow at some points, and when we traveled to one of the schools, we had to go through a more rural neighborhood to get to a major road, and there was negative room for error on his part, trying to turn down these dirt/clay roads. ¬†We drove by people just going about their daily lives, small metal shacks that were fix-it shops or repair shops, some that doubled as homes and some as cafes. ¬†One of the things I thought was the coolest? There were always people out and about at all times of the day and night. ¬†There were these pop-up “restaurants” where they’d set up a burner and cook food right there on the street, and for furniture, they had those little plastic kids table and chairs that we used to sit in and use when we were little (do you remember the ones that had the cartoon character stickers on the back?)

Overall, the city was great, the people were so incredibly nice and the food was good (though I probably still wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Burmese curry and Thai curry). ¬†Now onto the photos!


Shwedagon Pagoda


Chiang Mai: Temples, Thai Massages and Street Markets

I’ve been back from SE Asia for a little over a month now and haven’t been able to write a recap of the trip. About 20 minutes after landing back in San Francisco, my loaner phone (that had all my pictures from the trip since I’m currently without a camera), died. Like, no resurrecting, won’t power on AT ALL, kind of died. I lost all of my photos from the trip. Luckily I had made a Facebook album during my first couple days in Chiang Mai, so I had those, but the rest of my 2.5 weeks I was there, gone.

I went on this trip for work, but wanted to throw in a few vacation days in the beginning, since I had never been to Asia before. I had heard good things about Chiang Mai, Thailand, so I decided to go there for a few days before meeting the group to start work, and get some rest and relaxation in.

I stayed in a little hotel off of one of the main roads, and for as cheap as it was, had everything I needed.  The Nimman Mai? Design Hotel was in a perfect location for restaurants and shopping, and was extremely walkable.  The staff was very nice and helpful, which proved very helpful when I needed to get directions (they wrote it down in Thai for me, to show the Songthaew driver).  It was extremely reasonably priced (like less than a Motel 6 in the US), had a super comfortable bed, free bottled water (important!), cheap laundry services and a great complimentary continental breakfast every morning).

I was able to explore the city, the old city (walled city), go up the mountain to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, and hang out with some elephants.  Here are some of my adventures!

The first full day I took a songthaew up the mountain to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. It was amazing. I knew there were temples everywhere in Chiang Mai (and in SE Asia in general), but this one was phenomenal!



I mustache you some questions ‚Äď blogger survey!

Hello readers!

I’ve been slacking. Like legit, the struggle is real, what am I doing with my life kind of slacking. For that I apologize. I’m going to try to¬†get better at drafting posts for those weeks (yep, weeks) where I just don’t have the time to blog regularly. ¬†I wish a million times over that I could read or do things while in moving vehicles, because that would give me 2 more hours of productive time per day when I’m commuting!


No one¬†tagged me in this survey, but I’ve been seeing it make the rounds and I realllllyy wanted to do it!

Four names people call me other than my real name:

1. Bean

2. Shenna

3. Shoshana

4. sheenabean

Four jobs I’ve had:

Ragnar Relay Napa Valley 2014 Race Recap

I can’t believe another year of Ragnar is over. It’s been a ¬†crazy busy year of trying to herd all of the local ambassadors, make sure our events are covered, postcards are handed out and info sessions are given in the Bay Area. The race sold out (yay!) earlier than last year, so that was a pretty awesome feeling, knowing we had helped with that.

Then I broke my toe less than a month before Ragnar. I was super worried¬†about¬†it healing in time and also having zero runs under my belt for 5 weeks before the race. ¬†I’m happy to say that my toe didn’t fall off, but was NOT happy during the weekend.

We woke up super early on Friday morning to head to Golden Gate Park to meet with the rest of the team. ¬†While at the start area in Marx Meadows, I was eaten alive by who knows what. Seriously though, they bit me through my compression socks. WHAT THE WHAT. ¬†I had welts all over both legs and they were super itchy. That was at 7:30am and as runner #12, I still had about 10 hours before my first leg. ¬†By 10am, the two bites on my left calf (same side as my broken toe) were painfully swollen. It looked like someone cut a baseball in half and then attached it to the side of my calf. It was rock hard and felt like one of the deepest bruises I’ve ever had. Just walking on it was painful.


it was so early that everything was still illuminated!


This was my ankle 1.5 days AFTER the race. You can imagine how swollen it was DURING the race!


When your clumsiness forces you to take a running break

So aside from the 6.1 earthquake on Sunday morning (epicenter was about 20 miles from my house), I ended up breaking my baby toe yesterday ūüôĀ Was I playing soccer or doing something awesome, you ask? NO. I rammed against something that was lodged underneath the ottoman in my Grandma’s living room (aka she has way too much stuff in her house) and BOOM, insta-pain. I spent the rest of the day resting and icing it, and it’s a nice colorful rainbow of purple, black and magenta, with hints of cerulean. My favorite bruising usually includes green and yellow, so I’m waiting patiently for that haha

Ragnar Napa Valley is in just 25 days, so please send all the good juju you can to:
Sheena’a Baby Toe
Left Foot

It could really use it to be ready to go in time for the 2-day team relay! ¬†Until it heals, no running for me, which worries me quite a bit since I’m upping the overall mileage for the relay from last year… womp womp womp

Birthday week fun!

It’s my birthday week! HOORAY! And it’s jam-packed. Here’s what’s on the agenda and why I won’t be getting my normal amount of sleep:

Monday – work all day and then Happy Hour with a bunch of work people (myself and another co-worker have the same birthday)

Tuesday – Work all day and then going to a ClassPass launch party at Barry’s Bootcamp. ¬†ClassPass is launching in San Francisco and they have 3 launch parties this week, including a¬†sweaty¬†workout at every party. ¬†I’ll be sure to take notes and picture, and put up a blog post on how the evening went down!

Wednesday – BIRTHDAY! Suzie (coworker from Boston) also arrives in San Francisco; shenanigans commence! Work all day, long lunch methinks, and then dinner with my parents. Hello my favorite lettuce wraps!

Thursday – work all day and then trivia night with Suzie and her friends, plus sleepover in the city.

Friday – work a 1/2 day. I had an earned 1/2 day off months ago and decided to cash it in for Friday afternoon. Since I won’t get home until 9:45pm or later on each of the above nights, I have ZERO TIME to do laundry, pack and get ready for the cruise!

Saturday – leave my house at 3:45am to go to the airport (yes, you read that right. I booked myself a 6:30am flight to give myself as much time with my fmaily in Texas before the cruise)


I’ll be completely offline during the cruise and extra 2 days in Texas with my family, and will pop back in on Twitter, FB and Instagram during those last 2 days, but won’t be doing anything heavy until I get back to California until the 20th.


Running solo safely

As someone that’s not. A huge fan of treadmill running (unless I have to), being able to run outside is an absolute must. When I lived in San Diego, running at almost any time was pretty amazing, since the views (and sounds) of the ocean were plentiful. Then I moved back up to Northern California and started commuting 4 hours a day. That pretty much cut out being able to run in beautiful San Francisco before, during or after work, and in the winter, completely eliminated outdoor running.

I’ve been running sporadically on Saturday or Sunday early mornings or afternoons, depending on how blazing the sun is, around town, mainly in the surrounding neighborhoods. If listening to music, I always keep one earbud out and am constantly scanning my surroundings, trying to be as safe as possible.

At the end of July, a friend posted on Facebook that a man had been arrested on suspicion of felony battery and sexual assaults after two incidents that involved female joggers. Both of these incidents happened in the nicest, most expensive neighborhoods in our city. Even more scary? Turns out he worked at a gym in the next town over Рin the kids play room!

One week later (just 2 days ago), a 16 year old girl in an unincorporated neighborhood of our city was jogging near her home (another nice area) and was attacked. He approached her from behind and asked for directions. He then attacked her> She was luckily able to get free and run away.

The ages of the attacked victims: 16, 36 and 45. The age of the man who attacked the first two women: 23. The approximate age of the man who attacked the young girl? About 18.


I haven’t run outside since hearing about these attacks and am honestly pretty scared. ¬†How do I run more safely? How do I attempt to not be the next victim?

Happy National Drink Watermelon Day! #DrinkWatermelonDay

So it’s #DrinkWatermelonDay! That makes me VERY happy! I started the party early though, since I was guzzling my Watermelon Nuun last night while foam rolling my IT band and watching So You Think You Can Dance. I’m going to celebrate today by only drinking watermelon Nuun and then most likely devouring at least 1/3 of a gigantic watermelon after work. It’s all about hydrating, right? Moderation shmoderation.


According to the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, NC,¬†July 24th is the hottest day¬†in the contiguous United States (I don’t think San Francisco got the memo). Hottest day calls for some cooling off! The¬†National Watermelon Promotion Board¬†has declared today the first-ever ‚ÄúNational Drink Watermelon Day!‚ÄĚ Smart cookies over there. ¬†I’m thinking I might just extend this holiday through the rest of the week since I need to hydrate for the SF Marathon 2nd half marathon this Sunday anyways.¬†

Did you know that watermelon is 92% water?!

Don’t forget to head on over to the¬†Watermelon Board website to get some awesome watermelon recipes!


Beyonce knows what’s up! haha

What’s your favorite way to eat or drink watermelon?