race recap

World Famous Trolley Run

… and by world famous, I mean famous in the world of Sheena.

After last week’s super emotional Honored Teammate Picnic, this run was much needed. The hardest part of last week was watching one of the Green Teams Honored Teammate, little Angel Jr, who is around the same age as CJ was when he passed away, run around with his little brother. He had the same energy and spirit that CJ did when he was going through his treatments. Always smiling, never complaining.

So back to the Trolley run!  This one is nice because it’s not an out and back run (less chance of Sheena missing her turn-around!).  We meet at the Linda Vista/Morena trolley station, park and drop all of our stuff, hop on the trolley to downtown, hop off and run back to Linda Vista.  This is a picture from last years trolley run (L-R: Denise, Marsha, me and Chanté).
2010 Trolley Run
Marsha didn’t make the run this year and Chanté isn’t doing TNT this year, so it was just me and Denise, but neither of us had a camera).  My bladder was protesting as soon as we started to stretch downtown, with not a bathroom in sight.  So off we went on our run, me willing my bladder to be good and just pleaassseee wait until the first marked bathroom on our run map (at mile 5!), or find a store along our route that was open that early and had a bathroom.  No such luck, since most of it was either residential or mixed residential/small shops, all of which were closed at 730am on a Saturday.

We kept running, up one gigantic hill, and a lot of deep breathing was done.  On top of that, my knee had been feeling a little funky since Thursday morning, and I could definitely feel it protesting throughout the run, but I tried to push through the discomfort.  I ended up somehow making it to the 5-mile mark and to the bathroom (I have no idea how I managed that. If you’ve met my roadtrip bladder, you know what I’m talking about!)  Before the run, I told myself that if I could only do 5 miles today, I was ok with that since my knee was acting up.  Well, I felt alright enough to keep going, so I ended up doing 8.1 with Denise.  The most painful part was when we would have to stop at lights; once we started going again, I had to hobble/limp for the first 15-20 feet because my knee was NOT happy.  BUT WE MADE IT! 8.1 miles, my longest run ever! (If you remember my issues last year, my longest run with TNT in 2010 was about 5 miles, before I injured my tibia, so this gave me major good feelings inside).

The rest of Saturday was basically impossible to walk, but with the help of ice, lots of ibuprofen and a nice nap, it’s feeling a bit better today.  This coming week will all be spent pool running to take the pressure off my knee while still getting mileage in, and instead of a long weekend run, our entire TNT team will be completing the Carlsbad 5000 on Sunday, so I can hammer out 3 miles. 3 miles is nothing at this point!

You know, that time you just need to run in a sombrero…

Session 3 Spirit Sombrero winner!

I was pleasantly surprised by winning the spirit sombrero before my 5.27 mile run this past Saturday! Now all eyes are on me for fundraising (and for not slacking during the run haha).

I’m currently at 24% of my fundraising goal, so if you’re reading this and still want to make a donation, please do so as soon as you can! My goal is to be at 50% by March 1.  http://pages.teamintraining.org/sd/rnrseatl10/sheenacaines

Please tell all your friends, family, coworkers, dentist, everyone! You never know whose lives have been touched by cancer.