Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge

I made last minute plans to come into San Francisco this morning (I already commute 4 hours a day to/from the city for work Monday-Friday, so I rarely want to make that trip again on the weekends) when I found out Kristina’s brother Ben was in town for the weekend. I haven’t seen him in year, so it was a good reason to make the trek! I drove to Ashby BART to leave my car, and then Kristina picked me up to drive into the city to her cousins in the Haight-Ashbury area of SF. We have brunch at Sparrow (YUM!) – I had the french toast – if you go, you must try it!


French Toast – Hazelnut Chocolate, Caramelized Banana And Pure Maple Syrup – no explanation needed but COME ON! Nutella and bananas on top of delicious french toast?! SOLD!!

I ordered an egg on the side to get a little protein in for the day, but pretty much took my last 2 pieces of french toast and dragged them along the entire plate to soak up every bit of that deliciousness. I mean, you shouldn’t waste, right?

We then drove over to Sports Basement to rent bikes to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve run across the bridge multiple times during races, but have never ridden a bike across it.  It was getting a little chiller as we drove through the Marina and could barely see the bottom of the bridge as we got closer.  After renting our bikes, we set off towards the bridge, but made sure to stop at Hopper’s Hands for a photo opp!

IMG_2617We then turned around and headed back towards the hill into the Presidio that starts the climb up to the base of the bridge. HILL OH MY GOD. My quads were on FIYAH! We made it up another winding hill (+ trail detour) and started across the bridge. It was getting cold fast! and windy.

photo (1)Visibility wasn’t great at all, but we still wanted to stop to take some more pictures.

IMG_2622It was so cold and windy by this time that I could barely feel my face and hands , but we still had 2/3 of the bridge to cover, so we had to press on!  We got about 2/3 of the way across the bridge and it started to clear up, the skies were getting blue and we could see how beautiful it was in Sausalito!

image (1)

imageBut then we realized that there were only 2 people behind me at that point (there were supposed to be 4). We waited a few minutes and then Ben went back. Turns out the chain came off on one of the bikes shortly after we had taken off the last time, so we decided to turn back – it was FREEZING on the ride back to them; literally freezing. My body was shivering, I couldn’t feel my face of hands and my pants were so cold it felt like they were wet (not great when it feels like you peed  your pants without your memory haha).  We go the chain fixed up and headed back towards Sports Basement, where the clouds went away and the temperatures rose by about 5 degrees within that short ride. San Francisco weather is crazy. Karl the fog was out in full force today.


How did you spend your Saturday?





See Jane Run 5k – I’m a winner!

Woo hoo! I just got an email from a fellow blogger who happens to be a See Jane Run ambassador, that the giveaway I entered on her blog had closed and I was chosen as the winner!

I’ve been wanting to run the See Jane Run 1/2 marathon in Alameda for the last 2 years. Last year it was the same weekend as a work trip and this year I have a new car payment so I couldn’t afford any more races. Bad part: the race is Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. I’m housesitting in Alameda this week and am 1.5 hours away from home where all my long race running gear is. I could probably do the race with what I have with me (no compression sleeves though!), but don’t have my Injinji socks and let’s face it, that’s a deal breaker! I can’t run over a 10k without them or my poor little poots blister something awful.

I’m bummed because I love running 1/2 marathons but 5.5 days just wasn’t enough notice with the moving around I’m doing this week unfortunately. I registered for the 5k and will run my heart out though!

National Running Day

I think it’s appropriate that National Running Day occurs on Hump Day. The running gods know how hard a Wednesday can be!


There are a few different ways you can celebrate today:

  • Grab a buddy (or solo if you need to solitude) and hit the pavement!  I’m hosting a run in San Francisco at lunchtime, so cross your fingers people actually read the MeetUp page and show up!
  • Brooks wants to see you in action! Join in the social running fun by snapping a picture of you on your run and make sure you tag #runhappyholiday (you can do this through next week) on your social media accounts to join up and show what your run looks like.  National Running Day is a big deal for a company made for runners, by runners. They get it!  Be sure to keep an eye out on Brooks’ social media channels to see some fun, creative images of how they’re celebrating too! Catch them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.PicMonkey Collage brooks
  • Looking for a group to run with on National Running Day? Run Rock ‘n’ Roll wants to celebrate with you and a series of group runs. Check out their group running events and don’t forget to take advantage of the $20 off a domestic Run Rock ‘n’ Roll and other 5K, 10Ks and Mini’s.  Here’s the link…register today! I think I’m going to get a jumpstart on 2015 and register for Rock n Roll San Francisco. I’ve run it twice (since it’s inception), so it’s tradition!885x500_nrd14_rnr_p210
  • Find a local group run, or if you can’t find one in your town, create your own by visiting the National Running Day website.  Connect with National Running Day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be a part of all the celebrations. Use hashtag #runningday to participate online.8020_1401896267.35575How are you celebrating today?

The Nuun love gets bigger!

I’m super happy to announce that I’m now a Nuun Ambassador! I’ve been a huge Nuun fan for the past 3+ years and they must have finally had enough of my nagging on Twitter and IG… I kid, I kid.

nuun ambassador

I do throw them love whenever I can though since finding them in January 2011 through Team in Training. I was struggling with horrible stomach pain (and some other side effects I won’t detail for your sake) anytime I ran and tried to use other sports drinks. It was to the point where I contemplated stopping running altogether. Then TNT signed on as one of the Nuun charities (yay Grape!) and it was introduced at one of our team Saturday sessions.

The rest is history, as you can see from the many times it’s appeared on the blog:

PicMonkey Collage

Be on the lookout in the for Nuun updates 🙂


And to share in my excitement and spread the ‪#‎nuunlove‬ (#nuunlove all around!), if you use the discount code: MAY14NUUN through June 6th, you’ll get 20% off your orders! This can not be used with any other discount.

All I ask is if you use the code, come back and let me know what you ordered! It’s always fun to see what everyone’s favorites are.

Nike store opening and Bay to Breakers

It was a very full weekend! Friday I worked a full day at work, carpooled home after work for 2 hours, to find out my friend Suzanne (flying up from San Diego for our annual Bay to Breakers tradition) was delayed at the SD airport. She was supposed to land at 955pm in Oakland and now wasn’t going to land until after 11pm. I knew there was no way I’d still be able to drive another hour+ back home after picking her up, only to have to leave my house at 8am Saturday morning to drive back to the city. Instead, I used HotelTonight to book a room close to the Oakland airport. If you’ve never used the HotelTonight app, when you sign up and use the code ‘SCAINES,’ you’ll get $25 in credit! It’s really great when you’re in need of a last minute hotel room. Unexpected things come up and who doesn’t love to find a cheap hotel room (but nice hotels) when you’re in a bind? The hotel was right next to the airport, free parking (take that San Francisco!), free wifi, free shuttle, HUGE comfy bed AND best of all, AMAZING FREE BREAKFAST!! Seriously though, they had everything.


Suz remembered to IG her breakfast of champs :)

We headed out to the city to pick up a couple boxes from my office, and then head to Cow Hollow to the new Nike store on Union Street.  They had their grand opening the night before, and were having all kinds of events that weekend to celebrate. You had to RSVP in advance, and most classes and events filled up pretty quickly.  We signed up for the Nike Run Club at 10:30am and miraculously made it in pretty quick time and found a parking spot less than a block away (SF miracle). The new store is a retail store that focuses on womens running, training and sportswear, but also has for men as well (they also do styling, bra fitting, weekly Nike+ Run Clubs, and Nike Training Club classes with partner gyms and locations in the surrounding neighborhoods). You can follow the Nike SF Twitter account for more event information. photoThere were tons of ladies there (and a few good men) ready to get their run on. They had tables set up, you could test out the Nike+ Sportwatch and FlyKnit shoes, and every person got a DryMax shirt – I think mainly so they wouldn’t lose us on the run haha. They were pretty organized with pacers and everything (each carrying a Beats Pill to make sure we had some upbeat tunes to run to, which was fantastic – and now I really want one!) They led us through the rest of Cow Hollow, down along the Marina and then back up to Union Street. We were on the “long course,” so it was supposed to be a little over 4 miles, but it only ended up being 3.05 miles. Oh well, a runs a run! When we finished, they had Pressed Juicery, Kind bars, Nike water bottles (already filled with water!), Zico coconut water and sweat towels waiting for us – SCORE!  We then headed to the expo, found free parking close by (again, it was a day of SF miracles), picked up our packets, walked around the expo a bit, and by that time we were on the verge of hangry. We drove close to my work, parked and walked down to Boudin near Pier 39 to get some sourdough soup bowls.  We’re pretty sure they put tryptophan in sourdough or something because we BARELY made it home before passing out. The nap was glorious and we were ready for dinner at 8pm! We ended up going to Yellowtail Sushi ( if you’re ever in Alameda!), quick trip to Target to pick up a towel and then back to the apartment to visit with our friend we were staying with and head to bed. Alarm clock went off super early, we got dressed and drove to BART. Thankfully BART made one good decision in the past year, and opened BART earlier so people could actually take public transport to the race – they never do this and it’s stupid!  We walked around looking for caffeine once we got into SF, I randomly ran into Pavement Runner on the way, got into our corral and waited… and waited… and waited.


Quite a few folks asked if that was actually coffee in our cups, or semi-hidden. We were tired and it was early. It was most definitely caffeine (mine in the form of a soy Earl Grey tea latte)

It was supposed to start at 8am and it didn’t start until about 840am, which meant our corral didn’t cross until almost 9am. We were impatient and just wanted to get the show on the road because the drunk suburban moms were getting on our LAST nerves.


You can’t get away without a selfie!

We decided last minute to run as much of the race as we could. Starting in the last corral and almost an hour late was not conducive to any type of record breaking times (although, since we always walk the race to people watch, any time would be a PR for us haha). It took awhile until the crowd thinned enough to start running, and most of our running had to happen on the sidewalk since it was so crowded. There was A LOT of zigging and zagging. image_2 By the time we got to Hayes Hill we had to walk because it seemed like every single drunkie was partying on the hill and we could barely push through walking. It was insane. That’s what happens when you push the start to a later time (at 8am) and then start it late on top of that. People are passed out, puking or stumbling by 9:30am. The run felt fabulous actually, even though parts were fast and parts were slow. We had no idea how fast we were actually going since none of us had our watches or Nike apps on, but the body felt good!


We made it to Golden Gate Park!

And while running through part of the park, randomly ran into another friend who was on our Ragnar team last year for Napa Valley.


So this photo is a screenshot that my friend in Australia took. She was looking at the Instagram “popular” feed and was like, that girl looks like Sheena, I’m going to take a pic and send it to her. Doppelganger! … wait… that IS Sheena!” So basically, Ebo and I were internet famous for a few minutes :)

All in all, it was a good race, and always fun to do Bay to Breakers. If we decide to do it again next year and actually run, even slow, we’re going to have to start in either corral B or C.  And they’ve definitely got some kinks to work out as well: Lyft was a sponsor this year and they were offering rides after the race. They had a designated parking lot for you to wait for a ride. It was a cluster. We had to wait in line for almost 1.5 hours JUST to get into a car, even though there were always 15-20+ cars waiting in line to pick up people the ENTIRE time. Absolutely ridiculous.

Also, California looooooovvveeee!

california love

Fabletics Activewear

This is probably super old news since some of the workout gear has a million reviews, but I’m just now getting onto the Fabletics bandwagon.  I heard about the company quite a few months ago, but never heard much about it after that. fabletics logo After completing a short survey about my level of activity, color palettes I like, if I like indoor or outdoor activities, etc., they put together some outfits for me based on my responses.  And they are CUTE.  The workout line is for all kinds of activity, and is designed by Kate Hudson, and if you’ve seen photos of her out and about, you know she’s got great taste (even on her more grungy days!)

How it works:

1. You create a lifestyle profile by completing the survey I mentioned above. 2. The creative geniuses behind the brand will build outfits for you (you don’t need to stick to outfits, but can also browse and buy the individual pieces as well).  Each month they will suggest items for you based on your answers. 3. The best thing?  YOU get to pick whether you want to make a purchase or not! There’s absolutely no obligation to buy their pieces (what’s kept me from signing up from those subscription boxes since you HAVE to purchase every single month).  If you do decide you want the monthly subscription, you get a new outfit each month for 40% off!

I’m in no place to purchase a new workout outfit each month, so this is really great. If I want to buy something, I can. If I don’t, I don’t have to, and as a VIP, I can get my outfits at a cheaper cost (bonus!) Buuutttt I did buy an outfit as soon as I signed up, since your first outfit is 50% off (HOLLA!) I did this a couple days ago, and my coworker just Skyped me asking if I’ve heard of Fabletics before – fate!

It’s 100% free to join, so check it out here!   What piece of activewear can you not live without?

Apera Tech Pack review

So for the past 6-9 months, I’ve been searching for a really great commuter bag. Our work gave us these cute shoulder bags with our school logo on them, but they were just that… just cute. Oddly shaped, not super great quality and the shoulder straps were SO uncomfortable and just dug straight into your bones. It was one big opening, which made it impossible to find whatever you were looking for. I used that until it started falling apart, and was still on the hunt while I was using it.


I wanted a bag that could hold my laptop, charger and notebook for work, on the days that I needed to bring them home, plus some of my purse regulars as well as running gear if I’m able to somehow get a runch in.  After the work-issued bag just wasn’t cutting it anymore (and started to fall apart),  I used a reusable grocery bag (didn’t work) and then finally just my purse. Thankfully it’s big enough to accommodate my purse things + laptop and charger, but with it being that heavy, the straps would DIG into my shoulders, throwing me off balance and I’d get kinks in my neck, shoulders and upper back. And it didn’t zip closed, so I didn’t really like my laptop being semi-visible to passerby’s either.

I kept looking online and trying to see what others walking to work were using – Timbuk2 started in San Francisco in 1989, so they are big here, and for good reason – they are really great bags, have a ton of different styles, you can customize them, etc. They were pricey though, and I couldn’t decide which style I’d like.  Then after a few months of searching, I saw a girl walking with an awesome looking backpack… so I followed her haha. She was a couple blocks ahead of me, so it took me awhile to catch up. I just wanted to see what brand the bag was, but when I couldn’t tell right away, I asked her when we were both stopped at a crosswalk.  She told me it was an Apera backpack that she purchased a couple months earlier and that it was perfect for her needs. She also graciously showed me the inside and everything, to show what all it holds, so she clearly really liked the bag… and so did I. I went online that night looking for the bag, but  even after scanning through their website, I couldn’t find one that looked like the one she had.

I emailed Apera telling them my whole 6+ month search story, Stacy responded really quickly, letting me know they’d be happy to send me a bag to review, and then when  I explained about how I stalked the girl (in the nicest way possible… if that’s possible), but how I wasn’t sure if the backpacks they had on their website was the one I had seen, she said she bet the girl had their Tech Pack, which at that time, wasn’t on their website. BUMMER. She said they were anticipating being back in stock in the next 2-3 months, so I could be super patient and eagerly wait for her email, or their Sling Tote would also be a good choice for what I was looking for in a bag. I promised to be a patient girl!


Highlights of the Tech Pack


And the Sling Tote

I didn’t have to wait long though, because Stacy emailed me 3 weeks later letting me know they were back up on the website!  I picked the black and one eagerly awaited a package in the mail. 3 days later and it arrived (seriously, who has that fast of shipping?!) I took it out, modeled it for my Dad, had him snap a picture of it on my back and then went to inspect it and all it’s compartments:





Not the best photo, but it fits my back really well (sometimes backpacks on my really short torso are WAY too big).  The back is really padded as well, so it’s super comfortable.  It has adjustable straps that you might have to play around with. The straps are really smooth silky material, so every time it off, the straps loosened, so I had to readjust every time I put the backpack back on. Then I realized one of the tags that came on the bag had instructions for “locking” your straps (looping them through the top part of the buckle) and voila! problem solved!

PicMonkey Collage


All Apera bags are antimicrobial (goodbye stink!) and easily wipe clean, making it super easy to keep your bag (and contents) clean and dry.  It has 2 separate zippered pockets on the front of the pack for your shoes, so you don’t have to put them with all your stuff and risk everything getting dirty (I don’t even want to think of what I step on while running on the streets) or tie your laces through a strap and have them hanging off your bag (backpacking through Europe memories right there!)  Side note: you can see it in the picture, but my feet are baby-sized, so both of my shoes fit into one pocket HAHA.

PicMonkey Collage1

It seriously has zippers and compartments for DAYS. As you can see above, I was putting my laptop in the main compartment, just wishing it had a separate compartment (or divider) for that, and thinking that was the bags only downfall. Then I saw on the website  that the bag in the picture DID have a separate compartment. Bummer, did I get a defective bag? NOPE. After wearing it for a week and a half, commuting 4 hours a day with it and even giving a full-length demo of the bag to my office, turns out there was a hidden zippered part behind that big compartment FOR YOUR LAPTOP. And it even has a divider for important files, etc. GOLDMINE. It was like Chrimukkuh all over again!


Please don’t mind that my hand looks SUPER weird, but it was just the angle I had to use to hold the bag open while balancing it on my chair.

This Tech Pack is great for commuters, lovers of compartments, weekend travelers, anyone and their mom, and business people! It has a nice little pass through area on the back so that you can secure it to your rolling suitcase handle, don’t have to get your back all sweaty while running through the airport when you’re running late (me), and don’t have to worry about it falling off your luggage (me again).   Aside from it being antimicrobial (to resist bacterial odor), it also has vented pockets (air out my sweaty, smelly shoes, thank you very much), wipeable linings and even comes with a separate washable insert (great for your swimsuit, sweaty sports bra, small towel, etc).

So what are you waiting for? Go check out their bags! You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.  Right now all Duffel Packs and Blue bags are 40% off! And if you needed any more reason to buy one of their bags, Apera donates one bag (Sprint Pack) to a Special Olympics athlete for every three bags they sell.  What better way to inspire all athletes?!


I received the Tech Pack from Apera to review on the blog, after falling in love with it in person (thanks kind stranger who stopped to talk to this crazy lady!), but was not compensated in any other way. My opinions are 100% true and honest, and I’d never give false info just for product. This bag (and Apera in general) in

TMI Questions Vlog Tag

Hey guys! After seeing quite a few of you posting answers to the TMI Questions, I decided to jump on the bandwagon, but wanted to do a video post instead (thanks Monica for the inspiration!). I managed to get 33 out of the 50 questions, whew!

1. What are you wearing?
2. How tall are you?
3. Any tattoos?
4. Any piercings?
5. Favorite show?
6. Favorite band?
7. Something you miss?
8. How old are you?
9. Zodiac sign?
10. Qualities you look for in a partner?
11. Favorite actor?
12. Favorite color?
13.  Loud music or soft?
14. Where do you go when you’re sad?
15. How long does it take you to shower?
16. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
17. Ever been in a physical fight?
18. Reason you joined YouTube?
19. Fears?
20. Last thing that made you cried?
21. Last time you said you loved someone?
22. Meaning behind your YouTube name?
23. Last show you watched?
24. Last person you talked to?
25. Relationship between you and the last person you texted?
26. Favorite food?
27. Place you want to visit?
28. Last place you were?
29. What instruments do you play?
30. Favorite piece of jewelry?
31. Last sport you played?
32. Last song you sang?
33. Who should answer these questions next?

Ragnar Relay Deals and Discounts

ragnar header Ragnar has some pretty great partnerships this year, and they are running some discounts to get you all prepared for your best Ragnar Relay race yet! … and hopefully it’s Napa Valley with me 🙂 If you’ve been looking for a reason to sign up for Ragnar, look no further than some of their awesome partners and the sweet discounts they’re offering Ragnarians! nuun discountYou know I love me some Nuun! Seriously, the entire bottom drawer of my nightstand is full of empty tubes that I want to create a crafty project with, but I have an un-crafty mind so they’re just sitting there. Any ideas? I haven’t had the opportunity to try out Jaybird earbuds yet, but I have heard some amazing things about them! I recently read an article about them, how far they’ve come in such a short amount of time, and how they’re really taking the audio world by storm (also, anyone awesome enough to partner with Jesse Thomas speaks volumes!) procompression discountSocks, socks, socks, socks, socks, socks everybody! Compression socks are, and PRO Compression just knows how to do it right. They have a bunch of different styles (golf anyone?) and colors, have a sock of the month, and always come out with really awesome holiday socks and sleeves! I have 2 pairs of their Trainer Low socks, a pair of their sleeves for during races over a 10k, and 3 pairs of their marathon compression socks (Christmas, Shamrock and Ragnar ones). LOVE THEM! bondi band discountI have Mufasa-like hair that needs constant taming. I use Bondi Band headbands already because they keep the sweat from dripping in my eyes, keep my hair back (and my eyeglasses from sliding), and don’t need readjusting during a 1/2 marathon, which is awesome enough by itself! They have a million different headbands to choose from, so you can’t go wrong! kt tape discountI’m a big fan of kinesio tape. I can’t really get into the science behind it or if it really works, but in my head, it definitely helps! I’ve been a longterm sufferer of shin splints (and one episode with a stress fracture that we won’t get into) and tight IT band, and taping before big events has really helped!  And now KT Tape has a Ragnar edition tape that I would love to try for Napa! nite ize discountAnyone who has done a Ragnar Relay race knows that night safety equipment is not only smart, but required. Between “dark hours,” each runner (and anyone outside of your van) needs to be equipped with reflective vests, blinking LED light on their back and a headlamp. Last year I bought a reflective vest about a week before our Ragnar, but didn’t own an LED or headlamp, so our van of 6 people shared 2 headlamps and LEDs. I remember how much I was sweating during my night leg (and it POURED for half the race), so I knew I wanted my own this year.  My Nite Ize Inova STS headlamp just arrived and I’m super excited to try it out and review it for you guys soon! my id discountSpeaking of safety, wearing a bracelet with your information, known allergies, emergency contact, etc., is a rally great idea for not only Ragnar or any other races, but anytime you head out for a run by yourself. You never know when something can happen, so it’s good to have that information handy. MyID bracelets will give you that peace of mind! They have even more sponsors offering great deals and discounts, so head over to their main page to find out where the next Ragnar Relay is and to sign up your team 🙂

Boston Marathon

Was emotional to watch last year. As a runner, it really hit home for me when those bombs went off, and the aftermath that ensued. We gathered at Chrissy Field shortly after to honor Boston and show our Boston Strong unity.  I knew this year would be even more emotional – watching footage from last year, watching the tributes, hearing people’s stories, etc.

I started watching the live footage as I was waiting in the carpool line at 6:15am PST. I watched the elite ladies take off and sent as many positive thoughts as I could to Desi Linden and Shalane Flanagan. They had been training hard and had a good chance at winning!

At around 6:30am, the elite men lined up and got ready to start.

20140422-115954.jpg I continued to watch the live stream while in the carpool line and then once I got picked up, I put in my headphones. I then continued to bawl silently for the hourlong car ride because I’m emotional as it is, but Boston made me more emotional. I tried to blame it on allergies.

20140422-150754.jpgShalane leading the pack of women. At this point in the race, the women’s group was still together but Shalane was in front from the beginning and looked strong. Meb was also in the front pack and looked strong. I was so pumped!

20140422-150910.jpgCan’t you just feel that energy!?

When I got out of the car, I still had a 20 minute walk to work and my phone died 5 minutes into the walk, dang it! I walked as fast as I could and turned on my laptop. As soon as the feed started, I knew we were in trouble – Shalane was nowhere to be seen 🙁 Started out fast, staying in the lead and not drafting affected her later in the race and she faded behind the lead pack of women.

20140422-151049.jpgMeb was still in it to win in though!

20140422-151119.jpgWatching Rita Jeptoo win for the 2nd year in a row (and 3rd time in her life!) in 2:18:57 was pretty awesome. One of her last few miles was downhill and she ran it in 4:47. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! She ran an entire marathon 4 minutes slower than my PR for the 1/2 marathon! She also set a new course record.

The mens race was pretty close to giving me a heart attack. Meb was KILLING IT, but in the last 2 miles, Chebet really started gaining on him. The last mile and a half you could see Chebet behind Meb, but with camera angles, you don’t really know how close it is. The announcers started with Chebet being 16 seconds behind Meb. Then the lead started dwindling. A grimace on Meb’s face equals my stomach dropping. I wanted him to just hang on for another 6 minutes.  He grimaced again, but the lead went to 10 seconds. GOOD LAWD!  Then something inside of him ignited and he looked strong again.  Chepkwony literally came out of NOWHERE to battle with Chebet and it was a super close finish.


20140422-151131.jpgBut he did it! I got goosebumps as he realized he was going to win (and got them again as I typed that sentence). He finished in 2:08:37, and is the first American man to win since 1983!  Chebet finished 11 seconds behind Meb and Chepkwony was only 2 seconds behind Chebet. That’s how awesome this years field was. And how even more awesome Meb is!

I’m so proud of him. I’ve had the awesome opportunity to meet him, to run along the bay in San Diego passed him, to say hello, shake his hand and give him that runners nod as we passed each other. He moved to San Diego when he was a kid and we share that community love for the city. This win couldn’t have happened to a better man!