The SF Marathon First 1/2

One month after, it’s about time for a race recap, right? ūüôā

I ran this race last year, but ran the 2nd 1/2 marathon for Nuun. It was an awesome experience, I helped work the expo on Saturday for them, stayed in the city that night, and ran the 2nd 1/2 Sunday morning. After running the 2nd 1/2, I knew I wanted to run the 1st 1/2 this year, because I’m greedy and like extra bling! If you run the two different 1/2 marathons in consecutive years, you get an extra medal for completing the “Half it All Challenge.” Challenge accepted!

I didn’t get to run this year for Nuun, so when it looked like it was getting close to selling out, I registered quickly. I had run Ragnar NWP the weekend before and had majorly tweaked my left glute and quad. I had low hopes for this race unfortunately, especially after working the expo both Friday AND Saturday. Halfway through Saturday, my feet were dead. Yay smart decisions!


After the expo on Friday, Laura and I hung out at Fort Mason since Off the Grid was there. There were SOOOO many people! Most of the food trucks had crazy long lines, but the one we ended up at had a short line and the food came out quickly. Gourmet grilled cheese (brie, granny smith apples, thinly sliced almonds) and truffle tater tots? GET IN MY MOUTH.


The Nuun team in action!

Woke up ridiculously early on Sunday, met Kristina in the hotel lobby and we walked over to the start line (thankfully we weren’t far!). ¬†The “corral change” sticker had somehow fallen off my bib and they were super vigilant about not letting you into the corral unless it was yours, so they wouldn’t let me into the one I had changed to (bummer). ¬†We waited until the original corral, jumped in line, took a couple pictures and were off before we knew it!


Forced smiles early in the morning!


Pace through the corrals was actually really good!

Both of us were semi-unprepared, so agreed to run the whole thing together, and we both wanted to stop for a couple photos. Fun, easy race, chatting with your friend the whole time? Yes please! It’s exactly what I needed. Even though we weren’t running it fast at all, the mile markers seemed to fly by!


Karl the Fog was working that morning.


Thanks to the awesome volunteer who took this photo for us!

We stopped once for a bathroom break, a couple times for photos, and once at the bridge turnaround because I had achilles blisters that were starting to really bother me (shoes i wore during the expo, even though they’re completely broken in). Thank you to the aid station who helped me take off my shoes and socks to put a giant bandaid on both achilles, and for helping me tie them back up! #TeamWork.

At about mile 10, my left quad (that had been slowly nagging for the last few miles) finally completely locked up. I had to pull over to a post and start to stretch and rub it out. Super painful but I got it loosened and we started out towards Seacliff/Outer Richmond. I knew Kari would be out in front of their apartment cheering on runners, and REALLY needed the motivation at that point. Thankfully we weren’t diverted and once we got onto 27th, I heard them. HOORAY!


Stopping for a picture, hearing people scream your name and having juicy watermelon = the business. Exactly what I needed!


In their apartment window! Scott was working on his computer (video games I think haha), but when he heard Kari yell my name, he popped out for a cheer as well.

After the cheer station, we had less than 2 miles to the finish. Both of us were ecstatic to be almost done (also we just kept talking about breakfast. Talk about motivation!).  We continued down 27th Avenue (forgot about that little hill at Geary, rude) and finally turned left into the Park at Fulton. The smell of GG Park gets me every time (no not typical SF urine smell, but the amazing smell of nature!) and we pushed as hard as we could into the finish.  Once in the park, we were able to see the 2nd 1/2 marathoners who were just starting their race and we cheered them on as we ran in.


Just finished the race and going to pick up snacks, my regular and Half it All challenge medal and my gear check. I would like to punch Gear Check in the face this year. It took almost an hour to locate my bag (and a bunch of other peoples as well), because a ton of¬†bags that should have been in my truck had somehow been put in the wrong truck (but they couldn’t tell you what other truck they were in, so after waiting in our line, they simply said “so can you just go check the other trucks? It’s probably in one of the first 3 trucks.” The first 3 trucks had at least 50 people waiting in line).

FINALLY found my bag and we peaced out for breakfast.


Double medals!

Now I’m trying to talk Kristina into running the 2nd half next year (it literally runs right in front of her apartment around mile 8ish) so that she can get the Half it All Challenge medal, too!
IMG_9231 IMG_9233

My FitBit started vibrating before I even hit mile 5 of the race, we walked to the start line, walked a bit after the finish, AND I ended up running from our hotel to the full finish line and back after the race. Because I’m ridiculous. I ended the day with SO MANY STEPS!IMG_9248And a little sneak preview from the real race photos:

race_1085_photo_22616224The race also offers another Challenge: the¬†52 Club. Run both 1/2 marathons in consecutive years, and then the 3rd year, run the full marathon. I don’t think I’m quite ready for my first full yet!

This is one of my favorite races here in San Francisco. ¬†The fact that it offers multiple races, is extremely well-organized (except for the gear bag snafu), has great bling, treats at the finish line, offers free race photos (HELLO!), Nuun is the hydration sponsor (the only thing my sensitive stomach will tolerate during long runs and races), and generally just care about the local community. ¬†Last year while getting ready for the 2nd 1/2, I was lucky enough to work a few of the Run365 training runs with Nuun.¬†RUN365 is the official training program of The San Francisco Marathon races and The Berkeley Half Marathon. It’s a great bunch of people that just love what they do. ¬†This year I was able to do the same, and join them for a fun run with Dean Karnazes (he gave me a high five and said I was awesome, no big deal). ¬†The people that run the show are awesome, work hard and love what they do. ¬†Their partners are also great (I have a FitBit so it was pretty cool how they integrated it into the race; obviously I love Nuun; Lululemon hosted some activities at the expo and had a post-race party as well. I participated in a focus group for them in conjunction with the SF Marathon and was really happy that they actually listened to what we had to say and integrated it into their plans!)

They have an ambassador program that I’ve been eyeing since last year. I somehow spaced out and missed the applications last September, but am anxiously awaiting the beginning of September and when they’ll open up applications. ¬†Now having run both half marathons with them, participating in some of the RUN365 events and the Lulu focus group, I’m ready to contribute big time to the ambassador program!

Saying goodbye to the Brooks Fanatics program

When I started running again just after college graduation, I had super old, hand-me-down tennis shoes from my cousin (literally, I think they were shoes for tennis). ¬†But I ran in them, camped in them, hiked in them and didn’t know any better. ¬†I probably had them for about 5 years, and who knows how long she had them before me. ¬†Then at the very beginning of 2009, I realized I needed new shoes after some knee and foot pain. ¬†I researched online, tried different brands on in store and read reviews of not only the shoes, but the company themselves. ¬†What was the final pair I chose? The Brooks Adrenaline 9’s. ¬†I ordered them online and when they arrived, it was like Christmas!

The next year I was accepted into the Brooks ID program and advocated the company and products to anyone who would listen (and probably some that weren’t!). ¬†When they refined the parameters for the ID program, I unfortunately didn’t make the cut, but was placed in the newly formed Brooks Fanatics program in 2011. ¬†It was a small group of awesome runners, many from the ID program who just loved to run and loved Brooks.

The Fanatics group grew and grew, especially as the parameters for the ID program were refined even more.  We were each others support systems, talked about injuries, great runs, not so great runs, accomplishments, failures, vacations, family, you name it.

It felt really awesome to be even just a small part of an awesome company.  I was able to volunteer at events for them, and even run two consecutive years of the Rock n Roll San Francisco 1/2 marathon thanks to them. I made some great online friends and even met a couple in real life.  When I flew up to Seattle to run the Rock n Roll Seattle 1/2 in 2013, I was able to stop by Brooks HQ for a private tour and lunch.

Midway through last year, we all found out that the Fanatics program wouldn’t be moving forward in the new year, and as of December 31st, 2014, we would no longer be Fanatics (except we will always be Fanatics, even if there is no official program!). ¬†It’s been a weird almost 8 months without the posts, group chats, photo posts, etc.

Thank you Brooks for 5 amazing years and I can’t wait to¬†see what you come up with in the future!

Forever a Fanatic,

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015

YES! I know the Women’s World Cup isn’t as big globally as the Men’s World Cup, but it gets me super pumped! ¬†For men’s soccer, I’ve always been a Germany fan and¬†supporter, but women’s soccer? USA all the way!

I remember watching the 1999 Women’s World Cup with the dream team: Brandi Chastain, Kristine Lilly, Julie Foudy, Briana Scurry, Tiffeny Milbrett, Shannon MacMillan, Joy Fawcett, Christie Rampone, and maybe someone you heard of, Mia Hamm?! It was hosted by the US, so it made it super easy to catch all the matches, with only a few hours time difference (also, I was 13, so I had all summer to do nothing but fun things like this). I remember sitting on the living room floor at my grandparents house, glued to the TV every time the US team played.

And then maybe you remember the penalty kicks? And the now infamous image of when we won:

BC World Cup 99

It’s a pretty powerful image. ¬†Brandi Chastain celebrating by ripping her shirt off after scoring the winning PK, and her teammates rushing in to celebrate their World Cup victory. ¬†Still gives me goosebumps every time I see it!

My favorite numbers growing up, especially when I was playing sports (and even to this day) were 6 an 13 because of Brandi Chastain and Kristine Lilly.  Mia Hamm has always been a star and an incredible player, but there was something about these two ladies that really pulled me in.

In 2012 I went to Europe on a month-long trip in between jobs, to visit friends, visit the small town I studied abroad in during college and to celebrate my 27th birthday in a big way: the London Olympics.  I was checking out some websites of fun things to do throughout the city during the Olympic Games and came across a Q&A panel with the amazing Brandi Chastain and Summer Sanders, both amazing athletes from my childhood, and both California girls.  And then I got to meet them both. I DIED. Definitely a highlight of the trip.


Ugh, bring me back to my super tan days!


Are you guys as wrapped up in the action for this World Cup?

Rock n Roll San Francisco race recap: 3 years strong

Rock n Roll Marathon Series was my very first 1/2 marathon (Rock n Roll San Diego 1/2 when I was still living there) and now that I’m back up north, I’ve been able to run the Rock n Roll San Francisco 1/2 every year since they started – 3 years now. ¬†It’s a fun race with a hilly course (it’s SF, duh) and absolutely beautiful views. ¬†The first 2 years I ran the race myself, but since Kat bought a Tour Pass, this was one of her races. Don’t have to tell me twice for a #katbean reunion and friendiversary weekend! ¬†(In case you didn’t know, Kat and I were randomly paired together as college freshman in the dorms. We survived the dorms and¬†have been friends since August 2003!)

I drove in, met Kat, her cousin Kristin and husband Ryan in SF for a beer and light bite¬†on Friday night and then headed to Sausalito to stay the night at their house. We had dinner at Bar Bocce, which combined two of my favorite things: eating and people watching. ¬†Woke up at a decent hour on Saturday, showered and headed into the city for the expo. ¬†We decided to get a hotel near the finish line for the night before the race. ¬†If you’ve never run this race, it finishes in Civic Center. If you’ve never been to San Francisco, it is one of the most densely populated areas with homeless people, so there’s ALWAYS the chance you will get yelled at, money or food will be requested every block, and it will most likely have a faint smell of urine. ¬†This year Kat got the best one I’ve heard yet. We were walking down Market Street and some guy walking by yells to her “YOU GOT SOME GOOD LOOKIN FEET!” and just keeps walking. ¬† I ended up signing up for next years Rock n Roll San Francisco at the expo since it was crazy discounted + you know how much we love running shirts, so you also got a free longsleeve (you know RnR races aren’t cheap, don’t judge).

We then went on a hunt for delicious food. Since we’re both indecisive and were SO hungry at that point, we headed to The Grove because we love that place, know where it’s at, and both wanted an alcoholic beverage with our brunch. win-win.

Walked around a little more, went back to the hotel for a bit, met up with her cousin and husband, grabbed a delicious Italian dinner in North Beach, came back to the hotel and spread out our #FlatKat and #FlatBean on the chair and hopped into bed for what turned out to be a semi-decent night of sleep (I don’t sleep well on a normal night, and the night before a race is usually worse!)

Alarm always goes off what seems like 10 minutes after you fell asleep. We quickly got dressed and grabbed what we needed and headed downstairs to walk to the shuttles that would bring us to the Start Line (one of the BEST things they offer for this race. Incredibly convenient for people living in the city, those that are driving in, etc), and then you don’t have to worry about driving to the start and then having to figure out how to get back to your car after the race!

The last picture we have of the four of us in the hotel that morning. Once we got near the portapotty lines at the Start, we totally lost Kristins husband and never found him again until the Finish!

We’re such great photographers!

Much better! Side note: See that handheld bottle? That morning marks the second 1/2 marathon where I have almost lost it because of the port-a-potty. I don’t bring it in becuase that’s disgusting, so I set it on the ground right outside (probably only slightly more sanitary) and ALWAYS forget to pick it up when I’m done. I always realize it a few minutes later and have to run back, trying to remember which of the identical 20 port-a-potty lines I was in. I’ve also left a visor on the hook on the inside of a port-a-potty at the start line of Nike Womens last year and had to race back and try to remember exactly which one I was in to try to find it. I’m ridiculous.

Start line photos = we look SO attractive. Sleep deprived and cold, but at least we’re not gross and sweaty yet?

¬†I lost Kat (she’s too fast) and Kristin (I am faster than someone!) shortly after the race started, but was enjoying the view too much to care. Hills killed me big time. ¬†Or was it the lack of training? Either way, I walked the Lincoln hill with zero cares.And stopped for a picture on the other side of the bridge because I can NEVER turn down this view. When it’s clear, it is seriously one of the best views out there!

RIP to my Bia watch, who saw her last race on that day. Shortly after that, we found out that despite the successful Kickstarter campaign to fund these awesome watches, they couldn’t sustain the business and were closing up shop. So sad.

The race itself went a lot better than I was expecting. Since I hadn’t really run since the Hot Chocolate 15k in January (and also hadn’t trained for that), I knew my body would be really confused. But it felt semi-decent and I was ok with just running based on how my body felt and not what my watch said. When I needed to walk (hills most definitely), I walked. I pulled to the side to snap a few photos along the way, and even though I was trying to will my bladder shut, I couldn’t hold out any longer and had to stop for a bathroom break at Sports Basement around mile 9. ¬† When I looked at my watch after that break, I realized I was actually doing pretty decently and could easily get a SF 1/2 marathon best time outta this shabby little body. ¬†The bathroom break (and not the hills and photo opps surprisingly) were what kept me from an actually 1/2 marathon PR.¬†BOOM! Even though I should have been so proud of myself for getting this time and getting so close to my 1/2 marathon PR time with a bathroom stop, walk breaks and photo stops, all I could think about was “IF ONLY I DIDN’T STOP FOR THE BATHROOM!!” and was so disappointed. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does that? :/

We made it! And I ran into my friend Brian, who I met through running and randomly happen to run into him at the finish of a lot of races in SF (even though neither of us live there).  
It was absolutely beautiful that day (even a little warm/sunny for a 1/2) and the post-race concert was awesome! I usually don’t get to enjoy these very often since I normally do races alone and after a 1/2 marathon, a lot of people don’t want to sit around anymore than they have to. ¬†Rock n Roll can put on some good Finish line concerts, depending on the band, and it’s always nice to get a free concert with really good music and you’re literally 5 people back.

And because my jumping skills are sub-par, I’m going to suggest you to a few action shots. I clearly need to practice the simple task of jumping.

Not even close Sheena. ¬†Yeah, your feet have barely left the ground. Seriously?¬†¬†¬† Nailed it/that’s sadly as good as it’s going to get I think.

Log Off. Shut Down. Go Run Virtual 10k race

Through my partnership with Gone for a Run, I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in their Log Off, Shut Down, Go Run virtual 10k race – a really fun way to celebrate spring FINALLY arriving (sorry to those still buried in snow!), taking place between April 24-26. All you have to do it sign up, they’ll mail you your race packet and then you cover the 6.2 miles anytime between those dates, in any way you want, from anywhere! Virtual races are great because let’s face it, we’re all busy. Whether we have full-time jobs (in my case one of those + a couple PT jobs!), kids, our own business, etc., your love of running is still there, even if the time isn’t. ¬†Virtual races allow you to find the time to run a race when it’s convenient for you!

doc 1

When you sign up (make sure you register prior to April 14th!), they’ll mail you¬†a race shirt (either a Women’s Athletic Tank Top or a Men’s Lifestyle Tee), an awesome¬†finishers medal, a real race bib and a car magnet. Make sure you register by April 14th so they have enough time to mail you your goodies!

And even better, if you post your race recap on their Facebook page, you’re eligible for a few prizes, including a BibFOLIO Plus (a portfolio for your bis plus the medal stand), Hooked On medal hanger, pillow or a beach towel.


Disclaimer: As a Gone For a Run ambassador I was given a complimentary race entry. No other compensation was received. All opinions, as with every post, are mine and mine alone.

US 1/2 marathon race recap

A million months late but I have a millisecond in between work to get a little blogging done (finally!) and scheduled to push out next week.

I ran the US 1/2 marathon at the beginning of November (yes, last year). I originally signed up for it and then tried to get my twin aunts to also sign up for it as their first half marathon since they were turning 50 that weekend. Clearly that idea didn’t go very far!

You can’t beat that pre-race view!


I ended up just running with Laura (one of the most awesome people/runners I’ve met!) and her friend Olivia. ¬†Laura is a speedster, so she left us before we even hit the first mile marker! ¬†Since I had just gotten back from India 2.5 weeks beforehand, had run Nike Womens 1/2 2 weeks before and done the Spartan Super the weekend before, I had zero goals for this race except to finish. I wasn’t sure how much my body was going to protest or how slow my time was going to be, but was looking forward to post-race lunch so I just kept thinking of that the entire time!

The weather was absolutely perfect and Olivia and I settled into a comfortable pace. I didn’t want to look at my watch throughout most of the race, so I just ran what felt comfortable. I knew Olivia had a time goal of beating 2:40, so I told her I would just run with her and make sure she hit that goal, even though she said I didn’t have to and could speed up. Since I had no time goals for myself, it was kind of nice to have options! ¬†We kept running and I would push the pace a little, turn around to make sure she was still near me and slow down when I needed to. ¬†At about mile 6 on the bridge, I asked how she was doing and she said just fine, so I picked it up a smidge. By the time we were on our way back from the bridge, I knew if we kept that pace (I didn’t let her walk the hills. Mean, I know), we would KILL her 2:40 time. Annnddd if we kept up the current pace (that I didn’t tell her we were doing), we could even slay 2:30. ¬† We kept chugging along at a super comfortable pace for me (with the sun it was a little more draining, but still felt good). ¬†We got to mile 12 and I told her that we were definitely going to kill her time, but wanted to save some gas for the final push. ¬†On this course, there’s a final little uphill right before mile 13 (rude) and when we got to it, we slowed down a little to catch our breaths for the final stretch. At the top of the hill we gunned it as much as we could and ran our tiny legs off for the next .1 miles to the Finish Line, where Laura was waiting for us.

We ended up smashing that 2:40 time she was looking to beat, and I crossed the finish line at 2:19.42, about a 1.5 minute SF 1/2 marathon PR. What the what. The body is a  crazy, crazy thing.

We had some finish line wine (in our plastic water bottles, because we’re classy like that) and then headed up the hill to get some REAL post-race drinks.

Buena Vista always serves them up the best – and it’s like a little show when they make them all! Also, the awesome guy who makes them smiles zero times while you’re there. Zero. It’s my life goal to make him smile just once (I’ll take a smirk). Note to anyone wanting to try one on the weekend – they are almost always packed. Be prepared to stand for awhile while¬†attempting to get a table or stool at the bar. We got lucky and there were a couple gents finishing up, so I went and asked if we could snag their stools. Success!

CHEERS! (I can’t remember if this was #1 or #2, but he does NOT skimp on the alcohol, that’s for sure!)

We had a super delicious lunch at Castagnola’s on the water and soaked in the¬†sunshine – something that you’re never guaranteed in the city but always love! Carbo loading post-race to the max and it was so nice to just sit after we all ran our hearts out – until we had to go to the bathroom and it’s upstairs! haha

I will never never never turn down a post-race leg and foot massage, just in case you’re wondering.

2015 Races!

Now that the holidays are over (anyone else not yet recovered?), it’s time to think about 2015 plans. Last year I had inadvertently packed my schedule towards the end of the year with races and work (last minute SE Asia trip + getting to run Nike Womens 1/2 marathon¬†for Nuun 2 days after getting back from India + a Spartan Sprint the weekend after that AND US¬†1/2 marathon the weekend after that)!

Here’s what I have on the schedule so far this year (registered for):
January 11 – Hot Chocolate 15k San Francisco: I got picked (or notified, who knows) that I was an ambassador again just weeks before the race. This didn’t give me much time to advertise or train (and train over the holidays?! HA!), so this is a very last minute race. I was injured last year when I ran the race, so I basically just want to do better than that. Low standards, I know. –> and finished! I did much better than last year and felt good. Still didn’t eat the chocolate afterwards (I’m horrible, I know) and didn’t have to hobble back to the car after the race. WINNING!
March 29 – Rock n Roll San Francisco 1/2 marathon: 3rd year in a row. Thinking of making this one a legacy-type race because it’s so beautiful!
May 17 – Bay to Breakers: we don’t ever “race” this one, but wear fun costumes or outfits and just have fun. ¬†A couple years we walked it, people watching, and then last year we ran most of it (fun pace, still not racing). I think we might do that again, but start in an earlier corral so that we don’t have to stop so often with the drunkies.
July 17-18 – Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage: (updated, was on the maybe list) Our team is registered and we’re busy filling it and attempting to think of a witty name. ¬†And just updated as of last night, my flight is booked!
August 15 – The Town’s 1/2: (updated) I won a race entry to this (and it’s part of the¬†Golden State Half Series along with the Golden Gate 1/2 and Livermore 1/2)
October 23-24- Ragnar Relay Napa Valley: 3rd year in a row captaining an awesome team for this race.
November 8 – Golden Gate 1/2: formerly known as the US 1/2. I ran this race for the first time in 2014 and had a great time! Small race in a big city, easy logistics and great course!

Maybe races that I just have decided on/registered for yet:
July 26 – San Francisco 1/2 marathon: I did the 2nd half last year and if I do the 1st half this year, I get an extra medal (cuz it’s all about the bling!) My body would be uber tired from running Ragnar the weekend before and traveling, but I’d just race this one for fun. I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to run this one again for Nuun, but would REALLY love to run the first half marathon this year!
October – Nike Women’s 1/2: Only if the opportunity arises to run it again, but I just can’t justify paying $180+ again for the race.
November 1 – Spartan Sprint¬†in Sacramento: I ran the Super (8+ miles) a couple months ago during that all race and travel craziness and am thinking about doing another one, but keeping it at the Sprint (3+) mile level. I actually don’t mind the extra mileage, since I love to run, but DANG THOSE OBSTACLES ARE IMPOSSIBLE!

What do you have on your calendar for this year?

Weekend Wind-down

Super busy weekend! I’m normally at home during the weekends and only go back into the city if I have a race. After commuting 4+ hours a day Monday through Friday, going back into SF is usually the last thing I want to do!

Friday night was a long day at work, but at least I had something to look forward to: Welcome Back Gala for our students! The theme was Old Hollywood: a Black and White Affair. This was the first event for our new Events coordinator and she did a phenomenal job!

I said I wasn’t going to drink all weekend since I had a race on Sunday but I ended up having WAY too much wine! I had pre-arranged to sleep over at a coworkers so I could enjoy the party and not try to drive home super late.

On Saturday we slept in and then met a couple of our old coworkers for brunch at Hard Knox Cafe in the Richmond. I miss those ladies so much! Of the core four, 3 of us left our office within 3 weeks of each other so it’s been hard adjusting to not seeing them all day, every day. That afternoon I drove to Oakland to watch the Seahawks Playoff game with another friend from Washington. In case you live under a rock or could care less, WE WON!
IMG_7767.JPG SO excited/nervous for the next game. I’ll probably vomit, who knows.

I stayed the night at her place since we’re going to the race together.

Sunday morning we woke up earlier than either of us wanted, and just kept telling each other, “so a 15k is a legitimate race. Maybe we should have prepared for this.” Both of us registered for the Hot Chocolate race without second thought and it was one of those that just sneaks up on you, you know?

We somehow managed to find parking within a mile of the start line (most of the race is run in Golden Gate Park) and it was coooold. Thankfully the start was easy to find, I only waited about 30 seconds for a portapottie, and making our way into our corral was a breeze. WIN! The 15k started at 8:20am and even though we were quite a few corrals back, we crossed the start line at 8:37am. We both said we’d just run however our bodies felt. If we needed to walk, we’d walk. But it felt decent so we kept the train rolling. A mile in I was getting hot and before the mile 4 marker, we both had to pull over to take off our long sleeves, switch our bibs to our shortsleeve top and tied the long sleeve around our waists. The weather was gorgeous once we started running, so a perfect race!

How was your weekend?

Team Nuun

After 3+ years of the Nuun love, I was selected to be a Nuun Ambassador earlier this year, for the remainder of 2014 (you have to reapply each year). ¬†I reapplied in November and crossed my fingers that they still thought I was pretty awesome… and they did! ¬†Even though the program is restructured for 2015 into a couple different “levels,” I’ve been selected to be part of Team Nuun!

Team Nuun resized

So pumped to be a part of the program for another year, and to see the awesome changes that are coming! Nuun has provided me with some great opportunities to run successfully, healthy and happy in the last few years and I can’t wait to give back!

… and since it’s New Year’s Eve, make sure to keep your Nuun handy! Not only is it great for active peeps, a little birdie *cough cough* told me it’s also great to help prevent hangovers and if you already have one (no judgement) to kick it to the curb. Make some delicious Nuun cocktails to hydrate while getting your drank on!

ClassPass launch party at Barry’s Bootcamp

I was lucky enough to get an invitation to the ClassPass launch parties in San Francisco this week. If you’ve never heard of ClassPass before, it’s this super awesome company that has a network of great fitness studios in your city, you pay $99 a month and can take 10 classes per month at any of the studios! This is a really great option for people who want to change things up and not do the same routine day in and day out. Some days you need a good stretch and need to get those muscles long and lean with yoga, and some days you just need to spin your sorrows away (truth). With ClassPass, you can do just that and so much more! They are currently in New York, Boston and Los Angeles, and finally launched in San Francisco. Since it’s my birthday week, I had other stuff planned after work so I couldn’t make all three launch parties (sad face), but when I saw that Tuesday was at Barry’s Bootcamp, I knew had to sign up for that buttkicking on my birthday eve. I was introduced to Barry’s when I attended a fun party at the Lorna Jane store on Union Street, and a couple of their trainers were there. This was before Barry’s was even open, so everyone was intrigued! I headed over to Barry’s after work (and had to fight the crowds since Beyonc√© and Jay Z were at AT&T Park that night, just blocks away), and got there a little early (like always). IMG_6552.JPG Signed in, put my bag in a locker and got ready for the class to start at 6:30pm. ¬†The 5:30pm class was still going on, and it was too dark in the room to see what was going on, but every once in awhile someone would come out and the music was BLARING! ¬†While I was waiting for 6:30 to roll around, I looked around and Shauna Harrison was there! I fangirled for a few minutes, tweeted/checked in and she replied to my tweet immediately. It was pretty flipping awesome. I got to meet her after following her on Twitter, IG and Facebook for awhile, and that totally made my night. IMG_6553.JPG