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Hi – I’m Sheena (Shenna, Bean, Sheena Bean, Shoshana, you name it).   Trying to make my way in the blogging world and trying my best not to mess it up. Help is always appreciated 🙂

I’m a nomad and have lived in many places. I grew up here and there, settled in San Diego for college, left for a year, but missed the weather and tacos.  Lived in Germany for that year and the travel bug got me. My passport is always itching to see new places and go on exciting adventures.

Trying to find my way in a crazy confusing world – easier said than done.  Live, laugh, love, eat and travel. Words to live by, and I try my hardest to please! I love food, but it doesn’t always love me back. A lady with food allergies that loves to eat – oy. Vegetarian and lactose intolerant and still struggling sometimes.  Anyone have any good recipes I should try? Always open to new food 🙂

I started running more seriously in 2010 and owe it all to Team in Training. For those that know my personal connection, you can understand why it’s such a great organization.  I just completed my 3rd season with them and can’t wait to go back for another. 5 1/2 marathons are in the bag, and a full is on my bucket list (international race, anyone??)

I’ve been told a time or two (or a dozen) that I’m an old soul. I agree.

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