Golden Gate 1/2 Marathon – photo post

I’ve been severely slacking on the blog (like this race was in November 2015 and I have a million drafts I started in the last year and never posted), so get ready for a lot of photo only posts if I can’t remember the actual race details haha

This is a race I’ve done a couple times, but wasn’t able to do in 2016 due to other race commitments. It’s always amazing running into friends (or driving in with Laura!) at races.

We always talk about the views that we love to see before, during and after races, and the city didn’t disappoint this time around. Pre-race sunrise anyone? We snapped this while walking to the start line of the race (small race = so easy to park and walk there)

And plenty of time for pre-race photos of course!

This view will seriously never ever ever get old.

And even when your tiny baby bladder (seriously, this thing works overtime, I swear) strikes a couple miles into the race, it’s still small enough (the race, not my bladder) that you run into a friend in the portapotty line!

As chaotic of a city as San Francisco can be, on race mornings, everything just seems to calm down and all you can hear is the footfall of runners.

And even better when you suffer from tiny bladder syndrome (seriously, this thing works overtime

One of my favorite post-race photos, representing Fleet Feet Vacaville in San Francisco!

When a friend posts to your Facebook page that they totally saw your photo on the race page, and they were SUPER excited for you and hoped you had a good race. Then you take a closer look at the photo they posted on your page and realize that it wasn’t you, but what you’ll potentially look like in 10 years HAHA
  It’s tradition after this race (or any that ends in the area, if we’re being honest) for us to head over to Buena Vista Cafe for slightly too strong but we’re still ordering more than one because they’re so delicious Irish coffees 🙂
Do you have any local races that you frequent year after year?

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