Berlin Marathon training update #1

Way back in December, I announced that I would be running my very first full marathon: the Berlin Marathon!

Since then, I put together a 20 week training plan, started working more crazy hours, wondered how the heck I was going to balance everything, went to Texas and a fellow bird met me and ran my 13 mile long run that Sunday (that I had to turn into 13.1 miles because it would have been the fastest I’ve ever run a half marathon distance, even though it was just a LSD and not a race).  I’ve been trying to keep to my training plan, but I’m not going to lie – it’s been difficult at times.  I just switched over to a new job (same company, but now head of a department), my hours at work have changed and because of that, I’ve had to switch up my commute since I no longer have flexible hours – throw in the need to get in a 6 mile run after work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and I’m walking out of the front door at 6-6:10am and not getting home until 10pm 🙁  When am I supposed to eat?!

I also picked up a running coach to look over my training plan (which she had to tweak a bit) and offer me guidance and support during the rest of training – sometimes you just need encouraging words from someone who is knowledgeable and just gets it, you know?  If you’re in the hunt for a great online running coach (or local if you live out in Indiana), Anna is great!

My longest run to date was the 13.1 miles I did in San Antonio a couple weekends ago with Ellen. I was supposed to run 14 miles this past weekend, but after a 70 hour work week, my body (and brain) were completely and utterly exhausted, and I had to listen to my body and not do a long run.  I’ll make up a few of the miles this weekend, and instead of doing 10  miles on Saturday morning, I’ll do 12 miles, to get my body ready to run 16 miles on July 2nd!

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