The San Francisco Marathon Ambassador (with codes!)

Super excited to announce that I’m a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador this year! In 2014 I ran the 2nd half for Nuun (hooray!), and last year I ran the 1st half, completing the Half It All Challenge and earning my extra medal (all about the bling!)  In November 2015 I also ran the Berkeley Half Marathon 10k.  TSFM and the Berkeley Half are partner races, and it’s so nice to have awesome local races put on by the same great people.

I’ve worked with both races closely over the past couple years through Nuun, worked each expo, hydrated the masses and sampled out at their Run 365 Training Runs (honestly, that’s what got me hooked on the race!)

Code: TSFM2016SHEENA  Discount amount: $10 off
Race distances: full, 1st half, 2nd half

Code: TSFM2016SHEENA5K  Discount amount: $5 off
Race distances: 5K

Happy running! Let me know if you decide to register for a race – I’ll be joining you on the 2nd half marathon course!

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