2016: The Year of the Marathon

Sooooooo, it’s official!: I always said that if I ever ran a full marathon, I would only run one in my life, so it better be a damn good one, and preferably one I could add a vacation to.  At the end of last summer, a friend of mine saw that the Berlin Marathon was offering for the first time a “team” entry option to their lottery, which meant teams of 3 could enter (it’s always just been individual entries).  On a whim, 3 of us decided to sign up for the lottery, knowing we would never get in. I mean, I’m here in California, friend #1 is in New York City and friend #2 is in Turkey. None of us have ever run a full marathon before, and none of us are particularly lucky, so we knew there was a 0.000001% chance we’d actually get picked.

The morning of December 1st, I woke up to a million WhatsApp messages and was like “What the heck?!” and realized when I opened them, we had gotten in (friend #1 is 3 hours ahead of me and friend#2 is 10 hours ahead of me); I then frantically went to my email to confirm that they weren’t playing the biggest practical joke ever. The above email confirms that they weren’t!

I’ve gone through the internet looking for full training plans, combined a few and tweaked them the best I can to put together a 20 week training plan.  I’ve registered for a couple local races to use for my long Saturday runs so I can use the cheers and aid station as motivation to keep running (I seriously don’t know how I’d get through a solo 20 mile run).  I finally decided over the weekend that I want to have a coach, so I’ve been in contact with an awesome running coach who also happens to be a Oiselle Haute Volée. She’s going to help me fine tune my training plan, give me guidance on strength and cross training, and most importantly, answer any questions I have, calm my nerves and be a motivator. I think for my first time, having that accountability is going to be REALLY important, especially when my daily schedule looks like this:
5:00am wake up
6:15am leave the house
6:15-8:15am commute
8:15am-5:30pm work work work work work work (and sometimes through lunch unfortunately)
5:30-7:30/8pm commute home (Bay Area traffic is THE WORST)
8:15-9:30/9:45pm at the gym running my butt off since it’s super dark (and sketchy) by the time I get back into town
10pm finally get back home and try to eat something quickly before going to bed.

Any advice for a first timer?  Follow along on my journey to finish strong September 25, 2016 with the hashtag #Bay2Berlin

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