National Running Day

Yesterday was National Running Day and I was actually going to be staying in the city, so that meant I could actually participate in an event this year! Last week I saw that Rock n Roll San Francisco was going to be partnering up with A Runner’s Mind in SF to host a little event at their store. Yes please!

After work I headed up the hill, put out what I was going to wear for the run (note: I overdressed as usual. The weather in SF can be super tricky and change in a heartbeat. Plus I run pretty warm), downed a bottle of Tropical Nuun, took a 15 minute power nap (much needed) and then headed down to my Lyft that was going to take me to ARM.

I met up with Laura and Steve for an awesome event! The turnout was great, Mamma Chia was there with squeeze pack samples (if you’re counting, I ate 4 while there… and then took one for the road, which I ate when I got home. They are delicious!) and Saucony was demoing some of their shoe models. We decided to give them a try on the trails.

Laura and I brought up the rear of the pack since we thought she might be injured/my calves were PAINFULLY tight/everyone else was just speedy, and enjoyed the trails and beautiful views that SF has to offer.

It was an out and back, with your turnaround being at the bottom of a set of stairs (so mean).

But then this was your view from the bottoms, so can we really be mad?:

And from the left side:

The views from SF running routes NEVER get old.

They hid 2 shoes along the running route, each giving the finder an entry to either Rock n Roll SF 1/2 next March or one of Marathon Matt’s trail 1/2 marathons this August. We didn’t find either shoe but weren’t super bummed since both of us are already registered for RnRSF next year and I can’t do another race this year (I just signed up for RnR San Jose 1/2 earlier that day).  Most of the run was on the Bay Area Ridge Trail, aka just beautiful scenery. You’re in the middle of nature. Your nose is assaulted with awesome smells (nature smells, not typical city urine smells), you become aware of your surroundings because of potential coyotes. You forget you’re in San Francisco.

When see beauty like this, you just have to stop for a couple pictures because things like this make you forget about the craziness of life for a brief moment and just make you feel incredibly grateful that you’re out on a run.

After the run you got to sample some SOS Hydration (I had my own Nuun though), Mamma Chia squeeze packs, Hint water and Michelob Ultra. I passed on all except the Mamma Chia.

We made it!

They also had a board that if you wrote down why you run, you could then put your name into the raffle. ARM is going to display the board year-round in their store.

Raffle time and I won! $30 gift card to ARM that had to be spent that night, so I got to shopping right away and walked away with a nice Nike tank top for only $14.

Laura and I went to dinner afterwards in Laurel Village (delicious) and then headed home since we both had to work tomorrow.  When you run, that’s automatic permission to have pizza and truffle fries and wine… right? Speaking of, tomorrow is National Donut Day. I’m all over it.

 Did you celebrate National Running Day? What was your favorite part?

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