US 1/2 marathon race recap

A million months late but I have a millisecond in between work to get a little blogging done (finally!) and scheduled to push out next week.

I ran the US 1/2 marathon at the beginning of November (yes, last year). I originally signed up for it and then tried to get my twin aunts to also sign up for it as their first half marathon since they were turning 50 that weekend. Clearly that idea didn’t go very far!

You can’t beat that pre-race view!


I ended up just running with Laura (one of the most awesome people/runners I’ve met!) and her friend Olivia.  Laura is a speedster, so she left us before we even hit the first mile marker!  Since I had just gotten back from India 2.5 weeks beforehand, had run Nike Womens 1/2 2 weeks before and done the Spartan Super the weekend before, I had zero goals for this race except to finish. I wasn’t sure how much my body was going to protest or how slow my time was going to be, but was looking forward to post-race lunch so I just kept thinking of that the entire time!

The weather was absolutely perfect and Olivia and I settled into a comfortable pace. I didn’t want to look at my watch throughout most of the race, so I just ran what felt comfortable. I knew Olivia had a time goal of beating 2:40, so I told her I would just run with her and make sure she hit that goal, even though she said I didn’t have to and could speed up. Since I had no time goals for myself, it was kind of nice to have options!  We kept running and I would push the pace a little, turn around to make sure she was still near me and slow down when I needed to.  At about mile 6 on the bridge, I asked how she was doing and she said just fine, so I picked it up a smidge. By the time we were on our way back from the bridge, I knew if we kept that pace (I didn’t let her walk the hills. Mean, I know), we would KILL her 2:40 time. Annnddd if we kept up the current pace (that I didn’t tell her we were doing), we could even slay 2:30.   We kept chugging along at a super comfortable pace for me (with the sun it was a little more draining, but still felt good).  We got to mile 12 and I told her that we were definitely going to kill her time, but wanted to save some gas for the final push.  On this course, there’s a final little uphill right before mile 13 (rude) and when we got to it, we slowed down a little to catch our breaths for the final stretch. At the top of the hill we gunned it as much as we could and ran our tiny legs off for the next .1 miles to the Finish Line, where Laura was waiting for us.

We ended up smashing that 2:40 time she was looking to beat, and I crossed the finish line at 2:19.42, about a 1.5 minute SF 1/2 marathon PR. What the what. The body is a  crazy, crazy thing.

We had some finish line wine (in our plastic water bottles, because we’re classy like that) and then headed up the hill to get some REAL post-race drinks.

Buena Vista always serves them up the best – and it’s like a little show when they make them all! Also, the awesome guy who makes them smiles zero times while you’re there. Zero. It’s my life goal to make him smile just once (I’ll take a smirk). Note to anyone wanting to try one on the weekend – they are almost always packed. Be prepared to stand for awhile while attempting to get a table or stool at the bar. We got lucky and there were a couple gents finishing up, so I went and asked if we could snag their stools. Success!

CHEERS! (I can’t remember if this was #1 or #2, but he does NOT skimp on the alcohol, that’s for sure!)

We had a super delicious lunch at Castagnola’s on the water and soaked in the sunshine – something that you’re never guaranteed in the city but always love! Carbo loading post-race to the max and it was so nice to just sit after we all ran our hearts out – until we had to go to the bathroom and it’s upstairs! haha

I will never never never turn down a post-race leg and foot massage, just in case you’re wondering.

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