Hill life in San Francisco

I’ve mentioned it before, but I normally commute about 4ish hours PER DAY for work. It’s torture and I’m often exhausted by Friday morning. When one of my awesome coworkers mentioned she was housesitting for her aunt in the city and if I’d like to join, I didn’t even consider saying no.

It was so nice to have a 20 minute train ride and a 15-20 minute walk instead of a 10 minute drive + 10-40 minute wait in line outside for carpool + 60-75 minute drive into the city + 20-25 minute walk to work. #idie

Just a few awesome photos for my temporary abode last week!

Killer view of the city!


Dolores Park is the place to be in the neighborhood. Someone said on a really nice day, it’s like Coachella. I’ll take their word for it.

But now it’s back to regular commuter life and I’m already hating it again!  But then someone sent me this article/quiz about how “guessable” the rents are for certain apartments in the city and after taking it, cried a little, died a little inside and then thought my 4+ hour commute a day wasn’t all that bad after all.

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