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I was going to write this super amazing post about that time I went to a concert by myself. The truth is,  I don’t mind doing that so much. I’ve gone to quite a few shows by myself, and sometimes those are the best effing shows on the planet because they’re smaller, more intimate, you know everyone there is ready to jam and you don’t have to worry about the person you dragged along with you and if they’re having a good time.

So here’s what you do: have a long day at work, ride Muni after work all the way to the Mission with all your stuff in tow, drop it off at your friends, attempt a 7 minute nap that fails horribly, hop back on Muni to head to the Fillmore, stuff your face with Subway when you get off Muni, arrive at the Fillmore early enough to wiggle your tiny self to the very front of the barricades and then wait as patiently as possibly to have your mind blown.

I’ve been listening to Tristan Prettyman since May 2005 when I was in college.  I was living in San Diego and randomly agreed to go with a coworker to a show at the Troubadour in LA to see a band I’d never heard of (John Butler Trio).  When we got there, there was a little paper sign that said the opening act was Tristan Prettyman. I was like “huh, never heard of him!”  Then SHE got on stage and her first song was a Britney Spears cover of “Toxic” and I”m pretty sure it was love at first listen. She was amazing and dare I say, more enjoyable that night than JBT (though they are also awesome).  Add to her performance that she’s from San Diego and it was perfect! She told us her first album was dropping later that summer and I knew I had to buy it. While waiting for it to come out, I purchased her first EP (Love) that came out in 2003 and listened to When it Rains on repeat.  When the new album finally came out around my 20th birthday in August (holla!) I purchased it and a little while later, received a bubble envelope in the mail with a handwritten note. Get this… her mom shipped all her cd’s and TP signed a little note for every cd sold. It was pretty amazing, as was Love Love Love (also on repeat).

Three years later I bought the Madly single and then she released her second album and I bought that one, too.  I caught her singing a little diddy at a cafe in northern San Diego County and it was one of the best live sets I’ve experienced.  I tweeted her asking for awesome taco shop and breakfast recommendations in North County and she actually replied.  I had to wait four more years for another album, so I just kept listening to the twentythree and Hello…x on repeat until Cedar + Gold came out.

Then she finally started touring again after recording a new album and getting married (2014 was a great year for her!), but I waited to buy Back to Home until I saw her in concert back in December. It was just as amazing as I knew it would be and more. Her cover of the night? An amazing TP rendition of Iggy Azalea’s Fancy. I’m almost positive it was 100x better than Iggy’s version.  After her set, more people came in to catch the headliner, Eric Hutchinson, and I took that opportunity to go to merch and grab Back to Home and then wait in line for a photo and siggy sig on my cd.


And then I took what might possibly be the worst picture known to mankind. I told you, it was a long day at work.

FullSizeRenderI don’t live in San Diego anymore (I know, I’m crazy. 7+ years of my life down there in Paradise and I’m still not sure why I left!), but her music was a HUGE part of my college days. Days of confusion and growing up and living life and trying to figure things out and learning you really had no clue what life was all about. Lovetwentythree and Hello…x got me through those years. Love Love Love, Electric, Madly and California Girl (combined with many, many tacos) let me know everything was going to be ok. I moved from San Diego back to northern California when Cedar + Gold dropped. I wasn’t sure where I was going with my life after being out of college for a few years and still feeling no real direction. That album was all kinds of dark and contemplative – just what I needed during that time in my life.

In case you’re interested in lovely ladypipes that will give your ears a thrill and some song lyrics that will get down deep in that gritty place you didn’t know was still there, give her a listen. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


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