SportRx review: Tifosi Rx sunglasses

I’ve been running for years with just my regular glasses (for distance).  If I’m being honest, it completely sucks.  They’re clearly not made for any time of activity, since they move around, slide down, need to be adjusted if I’m running or jumping, etc. Don’t even get me started on attempting to do yoga in them – SO frustrating! I would constantly need to push them up on my nose when they slid down and to be honest, that’s just wasted energy! I tried at first to run without any glasses and that didn’t last long, since I couldn’t see in the distance (oh hey street signs, you’re kind of important) and was squinting.  They I tried to run with regular non-Rx sunglasses and it was pretty much the same thing. When you’re attempting a long run and your eyes are used to being corrected 24/7, headaches come on fast and furious!

I knew that after 4.5 years of running like this, I was long overdue for running sunglasses.  I’ve always been super jealous of people who can just pick up a random cheap pair of $5 sunglasses (and cute ones to boot!) and rock those, for everyday life and running.  Going to the expo and seeing people buy really awesome running sunglasses for their race the next day with no worries about being able to see!  I have a pair of cute prescription sunglasses before, but when my car got broken into last year, they were in my center console and got stolen 🙁 Major bummer since they are NOT cheap.

If you’ve never heard of SportRx, seriously, look them up.  They are based in San Diego (I miss you SD!) and have fantastic customer service. They carry so many different brands of glasses, regular and sunglasses, casual and athletic, nonRx and Rx. I sat on their website for a good 2 hours looking through the different options and unsuccessfully narrowing it down to about 30 pairs haha.  I contacted them and explained my situation, how running in regular glasses that I need to adjust or push up every few minutes is really ruining the fluidity of my running. They totally  got it. They’re athletes and active people themselves. They run, they cycle, they surf, they swim, etc. They know what’s up.

After going back and forth via email, I agreed to be completely surprised with a pair (scary but awesomely exciting as well!).  I emailed them a photo of my prescription (yay eyes getting worse and astigmatism!) and literally less than a week later, I got a box in the mail!  I ripped open the box and was so excited to see what was inside.  Inside was a pair of Tifosi Core sunglasses.  I put them on quickly and realized since the sunglasses were my recently updated prescription, my poor eyes weren’t used to it yet, so I had to sit there for a minute, letting them adjust to the slightly stronger Rx.  Since it was already late, I put them in my purse to wear the next day on my walk to work.


Thankfully Karl the Fog decided to stay away for awhile the next day and the sun was shining. I had a jaw appointment in the afternoon, so it was the perfect time to test them out!  Since it’s the updated Rx, it was crazy what a difference just a small change can make! Everything was much more crisp and clear and I wasn’t squinting to read the street signs haha.

I got home a little early that night and the sun was still out – time to put them to the test for a short run!


These ones are a little wide on my face I think, so my next pair of running sunglasses will be a smaller frame most likely.  I went for a short 5k run around the neighborhood and these babies were amazing! I didn’t have to adjust them once, they stayed on, didn’t slide, didn’t bounce, didn’t move.  I didn’t have to squint once, even when I was directly facing the sun.  Even though my face was sweating (it was probably still almost 80 degrees out), they didn’t budge. I even stopped to jump around and they still stayed put. Super impressed, trust me.

I got home from my run and was stretching in the garage. Normally when I do any kind of stretching or yoga where I have to dip my head, I have to either take my glasses off, or not get annoyed that they’re just dangling there off my face.


They didn’t budge!!!  Also, I cropped this to spare you a ridiculously gratuitous boob shot. You’re welcome.

Since that was just a short 5k run, I wanted to put them to a big test before doing a full review, and they got their chance this past weekend at the San Francisco Marathon (race recap coming soon!). I ran the 2nd half marathon, so they were going to get taken out for 10 miles longer than they’ve ever seen!  The weather had taken a slight turn and was forecasted to be pretty stinkin warm and sunny, so a perfect test race!  The weather channel did not lie and it was HOT. and sunny. I’m so incredibly grateful to have had these glasses during this race, because I honestly don’t think I would have gotten through without them!  I used to get headaches all the time after long runs because my eyes had no protection and I was constantly needing to squint. I didn’t squint once in 13.33 miles. I didn’t need to adjust them (although force of habit, I did reach up to push them up the bridge of my nose, even though I didn’t need to. I sometimes still do that even when I’m wearing zero glasses. 15 years of glasses-wearing will do that to you!).


I made it! Seriously though, if you’re in the market for any kind of glasses, I can’t recommend SportRx enough. They have amazing customer service and you’ll get treated like you’re their only customer, every time!  They have so many different brands and styles to choose from that you’ll probably have a hard time choosing just one. A few days after I received mine in the mail, I was on their website again looking for more casual sunglasses that I could still potentially wear running, but could also easily transition into casual, everyday sunglasses, since these do look more athletic.  By the end of my 2 hour session, I still had about 10 tabs open. This is NOT going to be any easy process choosing another pair!


These sunglasses were provided to me by SportRx in exchange for my 100% honest opinion and feedback.  I can’t say enough good things about their company, what they stand for and their team. I was in no other way compensated for this post.

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  1. Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb

    I never realized how much a good pair of sunglasses are until I got some of my own. How did I deal with bouncy sunglasses for so long? Seriously, awesome and totally depend on them while running now.
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