TMJ update and seeing a specialist

On Thursday morning I went to see a a dentist that specializes in TMJ to see if there’s anything we can do. I’ve talked to my regular dentist + an oral surgeon + my old regular doctor to no avail. Basically a bunch of “change your diet to softer foods and that’s about all we can do.” Awesome to hear as a 28 year old! I was referred to Dr. Larson from the chiropractor I’ve been seeing that’s been doing ART Therapy and Graston on my shoulders, upper back, neck and jaw (if you’ve never had Graston, look it up. It’s painful and intense and makes me want to cry sometimes, but it’s really helping with muscle tightness!)

I had pictures taken, an exam done, and then my head was hooked up to this super awesome cranial thing (I wanted to ask if I could take pictures to post but didn’t want them to think I was a total weirdo), but this is what it looked like:
tmj tracking

The white thing was put on first, and that was able to digitally track movement of my jaw when opening and closing it, and clearly showed the “hitch” that happens on the left side, and showed restricted movement when moving side to side (when it’s locked, I can barely shift my jaw to the right).  After that, sensors were put on both sides of my jaw, right at the joint, and the little black headset was put on. I did the same exercises, and this time the monitor showed the amount of noise that my jaw was generating when opening and closing. Not surprisingly, it showed a POP! of noise when opening and closing my jaw, coming from the left side.

After my consultation, I had to go to an imaging place to do x-rays and 3D scans done. I already feel like it’s going to be a financial nightmare since the imaging place doesn’t accept ANY insurance, so I get to deal with that on my own, and had to pay out of pocket $479 for everything that day.  I’m not sure about other people living in San Francisco, but I can’t just drop five hundo every single visit for treatment, though I know it’s something that really needs to be dealt with and fixed.



Anyone else ever deal with TMJ?

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