World Cup fever

… is here to stay! When I studied abroad in Germany 2006-2007, we missed the World Cup being hosted by them by just a few months (major bummer).  I got my very first parking ticket during the 2010 World Cup because I refused to leave a Dutch cafe while watching one of the Netherlands matches (my meter was expired for 8 minutes. THEY ARE FAST).  And now it’s time for the World Cup again and we’re so excited! Working at an international business school makes for a very interesting World Cup because we have students from all over the world. We have one classroom each day dedicated to showing matches and you can hear them yelling from time to time when their team scores (or sadly, gets so close to scoring but doesn’t)

We have a league going between our office, colleagues in Boston and Miami, put in our predictions every day and hope and pray that we picked the right score! I’ve been agonizing over my points since day 1 (ridiculous, I know). We have the audio for most games going in the background of the office, and for the Germany-Portugal game, closed the doors, ordered in pizza and beer and just watched the match (DEUTSCHLAND!)


Now that it’s Round of 16, who are you rooting for?

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