Week in review: June 29

I just got finished housesitting for a friend last Sunday, was home for a couple days and started housesitting for my old boss Wednesday after work. My parents dogs think I moved out and every time I come back they’re SO excited! Makes me feel pretty awesome haha. Also awesome? Housesitting = I can walk around with no pants. WINNING!

I had a couple doctors appointments this week (lady bits and chiro for some A.R.T Therapy and Graston work = YOWZA! to both)


Update on the UPS debacle: STILL fighting it. My box showed up like this, and this is just one view. The other side was also ripped open and there was a big hole at the bottom. Awesome job UPS!

Lazy movie night with the pups. In case you were wondering, pugs are LOUD snorers and when they sneeze they get snot everywhere.

Weather at home is fabulous and WARM! I have a windy day at work in the city and then get home and it’s still sunny and 75*+ so that naturally means backyard sun time! I’m taking FULL advantage of housesitting this week.

Working Saturday at REI for Nuun. Upside: I get I talk to customers about hydration, dehydration, electrolytes, active lives, traveling, etc. Downside: I drink the ENTIRE time = 3x the bathroom breaks that I normally take.

Baby G came to have dinner with me after work last night and had never really been around small dogs. He was SO intrigued, especially by their curly tails. He was also down for giving them all open-mouthed, full tongue kisses.

20140629-111645-40605539.jpgAfter awhile, he picked his favorite of the three and just wanted to love on her. He’s a good judge in character since she’s the sweetest old lady dog ever!

Carmen and I called each other out on Facebook yesterday for not being consistent with training (she had a baby a few months ago. I have a food baby daily), so we met up at 7:30 this morning at the Lagoon for a run. By 7:30am it was already sunny and 71*, so we worked up a sweat!

Today is filled with a little more time in the sun, World Cup (holy heck Holland!), work and taking the Grams to BINGO tonight.

How was your week?

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